Wine Tour


In about an hour you will see vivid images, you will hear in your language (AUDIO GUIDE) and browse the underground Museum seeing performances on the History of the Santorini’s wine and the islands culture.

At your own pace, you will spend the time that you need to complete your tour. After finishing your tour and learning the history of the wine and wine culture of the island, you will taste a variety of 4 different wines from our winery. Inside the premises you can also see how different the vineyards of Santorini are.

Arrive at the time which best fits your program Visiting Hours(time table).

All the above perks at an economical price of only 9:00€ per person.

No need to lose your whole day to visit many wineries to see repeated images.

Included in the wine tour are the following:
  • Entrance to the Museum (How to come)
  • Big and Spacious Parking area
  • A taste of 4 different wines from our Winery

Santorini Assyrtiko Koutsoyannopoulos (White Dry Wine) Ampelones Koutsoyannopoulos (Red Dry Wine) Vinsanto( 3yr old Desert Wine) Be sure that: Nobody knows better the history of Santorini wine and the life of the Santorini wine grower from Santorini Wine Museum Koutsoyannopoulos
Santorini Wine Shop
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