Kamaritis (Sweet Wine)

A 10-year old naturally sweet wine made from sun-dried grapes. This wine is a blend of six indigenous varieties of Santorini;Sweet - Kamaritisthree white ones: 'Assyrtiko', 'Aidani', and 'Athiri'; and three red ones: 'Mantilaria', 'Mavrotragano' and 'Mavrathiro'. The name Kamarítis derives from the word kamara which means cave room. The grapes are sun-dried for 14 days, and their sugars are dehydrated and caramelised. Then, we begin the process of winemaking. The wine is aged in oak barrels for 10 years before bottling. We produce only 4.500 bottles of this sweet wine each year; this limited production was the secret recipe of the family's great-grandfather. This wine cannot be purchased outside the winery. Best enjoyed before or after a meal, ice-cold at 6-8ºC with fruit, dried nuts, cake, chocolate or poured on ice-cream. This is a completely natural product without additives. It is pure grape juice with 11% alcohol.

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