Vinsanto 1959 (Sweet Wine)

This is a family heirloom of incalculable value. It is a limited production wine available in 375ml bottles. Vinsanto 1959 (Sweet Wine) In the words of Mr. Koutsoyannopoulos:

'Such a high quality Vinsanto produced in 1959 and aged in a barrel is very important to our family.

to our family. This wine is 100% from the 1959 vintage, without blending it with wine from a different vintage in the barrel.

[...] Its level had decreased significantly. The oxygen in the barrel could have altered the quality of the wine. So, we bottled it for protection.

Until now, I have never had the opportunity to study the behaviour and character of such an aged Vinsanto.

The initial surprise was its colour and its incredible aroma.

The biggest surprise was when I tried to measure the Baumé degrees at the laboratory.

I am very happy that I had the chance to study its elements, behaviour and taste.

It is a truly once in a lifetime experience…'

Its characteristics:

very viscous, aromatic with a currant background.

Colour: deep dark highlights of brown.

Aroma: currant, honey, prune, roasted caramel, quince-candy, dried fig.


Source: Wein-Plus
'The Wein-Plus wine guide for Greek wines has entered its fifth year of operation.

To date, 135 producers have sent 1.200 wines for evaluation. Thus far, the most highly rated wine is Vinsanto 1959 of the Koutsoyannopoulos winery with 95 points !

This is a great wine with an aging capacity up to 2060 (!), according to Marcus Hofschuster, one of the best wine tasters in Germany.

This is an exceptional wine, unprecedented by Greek standards, which shows how some wines have great potential for further development if they are not sacrificed on the altar of immediate consumption!'

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