In our winery, we can accommodate your event.

Depending on the season or weather you choose, an opened or closed event Hall will be available for your event, without changing your facilities. There are few cases one has chosen the opened hall, but unfortunately the weather was not our ally. The indoor hall has 3 glass sides overlooking the vineyard.

Lunch or Dinner

Apart from the room, also food is offered for your guests.
Lunch or dinner.

In collaboration with key professionals in the catering together we will find the menu suited for your event. Buffet or served, hot or cold, traditional or classic.


For entertainment we suggest:

Live Music

  • Greek bouzouki music, lute and violin
  • Cretan music
  • Light-pop project with bass, guitar, electric piano, saxophone, and singing. Jazz, Latin, Soul, Fancy, Rock, Rock & Roll, Disco, Pop Greek.

Otherwise if you prefer a DJ, we urge you to choose one, whatever the kind of music you prefer for your guests.

There is also space for dancing groups. We strongly recommend a Santorinian complex with traditional costumes or a Cretan equivalent with imposing figures and unrivalled costumes.

All our co-operators are professionals. We have worked with them many times.
The experience we gained minimizes the case of "surprises".


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